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James Boland has unique professional experience having addressed legal, regulatory, and legislative issues from leadership positions in each of the three branches of U.S. government, as well as from the private sector. A former Deputy Comptroller of the Currency, General Counsel to the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, and Executive Director of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, he has participated in the creation of legislation, U.S. Government policies, and regulations affecting domestic and international issues.

Deputy Comptroller of the Currency,
U.S. Department of the Treasury

  • Served as a member of the policy group, and led the Agency’s communications and legislative agenda with responsibility for all public relations functions, including Congressional, press, consumer, and industry relations.
  • Instrumental in the development of legislation and policies affecting resolution of the international debt crisis, the management of public and congressional relations problems caused by the failure of the Continental Illinois National Bank, and other issues regarding financial restructuring and interstate banking.

Executive Director of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board

  • Implemented legislation passed while working in the Senate regarding the Savings and Loan crises.
  • Reported directly to the Chairman and the Board, and was charged with coordinating and directing the activities of senior executives to achieve the goals and policies established by the Board.
  • Played a key role in effecting results during the first wave of the Savings and Loan clean up. More insolvent institutions were closed in one year than the previous four years combined; numerous new regulations were promulgated in a timely manner; and the severe backlog in applications was eliminated.

General Counsel for the Senate Banking Committee

  • Formerly Counsel to the Senate Banking Committee, Boland was asked to return as General Counsel by the Committee Chairman. He advised Senators and their staffs on regulatory and legislative issues.
  • Participated in the creation and passage of legislation and regulations broadly affecting the financial services industry, including regulatory oversight of the government securities industry, financial restructuring, and the recapitalizations of the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC).
  • Involved in legislative actions that led to creation of the Money Market Deposit Account, which permitted federally insured financial institutions to compete with Money Market Accounts.

Legal Service

  • Served as law clerk for three judges— two on the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Maryland, and one on the Maryland Court of Appeals.

Private Sector Service

  • Founder of The Boland Company, an independent consultant in government relations. Boland advised some of the most recognized businesses in the United States, including Morgan Stanley, Waste Management, Inc., The Limited, The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, and Merrill Lynch.
  • Director of Phillip Morris Washington Relations. Boland was responsible for legislative and regulatory issues, and managed certain other issues ranging from indoor air quality to regulatory reform.
  • Partner at Reasoner, Davis & Fox, a law firm whose clients consisted primarily of financial institutions and financial trade associations. Boland provided strategic advice, prepared testimony, drafted legislation, and collaborated with senior officials at key regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve Board, the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • In-house counsel to Time Saver Stores, Inc., and an associate attorney for Washington, D.C. law firm Gorman & Canfield.